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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024

Date added 10/04/2024
Dear Value Customers: 10-11th Apr 2024 Hari Raya holiday. There will be no customs clearance scanning & delivery services; it will return to normal on 12 April 2024 for air shipment. Sea shipping local delivery will resume on 15 Apr 2024.TQ
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Selamat Hari Pekerja 2023

Date added 20/04/2023
Selamat Hari Pekerja Warehouse akan bercuti mulai 30 April Ahad hingga 1 Mei 2023 Isnin. Warehouse akan balik beroperasi seperti biasa pada 2 Mei 2023 Selasa. Urgent Orders sila submit D.O sebelum cuti bermula.
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Due to the risk of social transmission of the epidemic in Baiyun District, stop warehouse operations is tentatively scheduled for two days, 21-25 November 2022

Date added 23/11/2022
The risk of social transmission of the epidemic in Baiyun District continues to increase. In order to effectively block the risk of the spread of the epidemic, from 13:00 on November 21, the control personnel and vehicles in the entire Baiyun District.
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